The Kwikset z-wave deadbolt door lock can be controlled by your phone, tablet, computer, Alexa or Google home. This door look will learn directly into the z-wave hub built into you 2gig security alarm panel and with our services will be powered remotely through With keyless entry and a one touch lock button this is a user door lock that is ideal for all. Change and update user codes, know who is coming and going, and getting texting alerts all through Add up to 30 custom user codes and key to with the easy to use smart rekey system, so that all of your Kwikset locks smart or not work with just one key. Never get locked out or forget to lock your door again with this top of the line smart lock.


  • Z wave deadbolt door lock
  • Can be controlled by phone, tablet, computer, Alexa or Google home
  • Keyless and keyed entry.
  • Up to 30 custom user codes.
  • One touch lock button
  • Smart key re key system to make all Kwikset lock work with one key

KWIKSET Dead Bolt w/SmartCode, in colors

  • Satin Nickel,
  • Venerian Bronze
  • Polished Brass, or 
  • Black